antiX-17.1 sid based net images available

For those of you that want to live on the wild side of Debian and basically start out from scratch, antiX has provided sid based net images for you. You will need a wired connection since no firmware is included. Remember we are systemd-free!

This is for experts or for those that want to learn and are prepared to search for solutions to any possible issues.

antiX-17.1 sid based net images

32 bit version uses a 4.10.5 antiX custom kernel,while 64 bit ships with a 4.14.5 antiX custom kernel.


* eudev
* sysvinit
* cli-aptix
* cli-installer-antix
* gcc-7
* live-kernel-updater
* live-usb-maker
* remaster-antix

antiX-17 released

antiX-17 (Heather Heyer) released

* Based on Debian 9.2 (stretch)
* systemd-free
* eudev instead of udev
* Fast
* Light on resources
* Flexible
* Install to harddrive,
* Set up and run live from an encrypted stick with persistence and remaster
* Frugal install on a partition.
* Option to run bleeding edge Debian Testing (buster) or sid.

The choice is yours!

The most extensive live usb on the planet!

antiX comes in 4 flavours for both 32 and 64 bit processors.

antiX-full (c800MB) -4 windows managers – IceWM (default), fluxbox, jwm and herbstluftwm plus full libreoffice suite.

antiX-base (c620MB) -4 windows managers – IceWM (default), fluxbox, jwm and herbstluftwm.

antiX-core (c310MB) – no X, but should support most wireless.

antiX-net (c150MB) – no X. Just enough to get you connected (wired) and ready to build.

So what is included?

Lots! Explore!

* Based on Debian Stretch, but without systemd and libsystemd0.
* eudev 3.2-4 replaces udev
* Customised 4.10.5 kernel with fbcondecor splash
* libreoffice 5.2.7-1
* firefox-esr 52.4.0esr
* claws-mail 3.14.1-3+b1
* systemd-free cups for printing
* xmms -for audio
* gnome-mpv – for playing video
* smtube – play youtube videos without a using a browser
* streamlight-antix – stream videos with very low RAM usage.
* evince 3.22.1-3 – pdf reader
* adobe-flashplugin 20170808.1
* arc-theme

File managers and desktop:

* spacefm
* rox-filer

Convert your video and audio files with:

* winff
* asunder

Connect to the net with:

* ceni – default
* wicd – turned off by default. Use F4 at the live boot menu and choose wicd to turn it on.
* gnome-ppp – if you are still on dial-up


* geany
* leafpad
* Midnight Commander
* vim-tiny
* nano

Tools for remastering and creating snapshots of installed system:

* iso-snapshot
* remaster tools

General tools:

* bootrepair
* codecs installer
* broadcom-manager
* ddm-mx – install nvidia drivers


* hexchat – gui chat
* luckybackup – excellent backup tool. There’s nothing lucky about it!
* simple-scan – for scanning documents
* transmission-gtk – torrent downloader
* wingrid-antix – turn the stacking window managers into tilers.
* xf86-video-sis-antix – added since it is not in Debian jessie
* Xfburn for burning cd/dvd
* connectshares-antix for network shares
* droopy-antix – an easy way to transfer files over the net.
* mirage – image viewer
* package-installer – install applications easily and safely
* antiX Control Centre – an easy way to do just about anything!
* streamtuner2 – listen to streaming radio
* cherrytree – note taking application

Why not try out our included ‘cli’ apps:

* Editors: nano and vim
* Newsreader: newsbeuter
* Chat: irssi
* Audio player: mocp
* Radio: pmrp
* Video player: mpv
* Youtube video: mps-youtube
* Audio ripper: abcde
* Torrent: rtorrent
* Cd burner: cdw
* Writer: Wordgrinder


* cli-aptiX – command line synaptics
* live-kernel-updater – update kernel when running live
* lxkeymap – gui to set system localisation
* fskbsetting – gui to set live localisation
* backlight-brightness – usefull tool for laptops
* antiX-cli-cc – command line control centre

Cool in-house antiX apps available in the repos:

* 1-to-1-voice-antix – Voice chat between two pcs via encrypted mumble
* 1-to-1-assistance-antix – Remote access help application
* ssh-conduit – Remote resouces via an ssh encypted connection

”Great ”’LiveUSB”’ features:”

o fast boot times without systemd
o auto-customizable bootloaders (legacy and uefi)
o easy persistence and easy frugal installs
o remasters and respins
o legacy and 32-bit uefi and 64-bit uefi
o encrypted live usb

If you want Debian without systemd, give antiX a try. It works great on old boxes and the latest and greatest.

Many thanks to all who worked, tested, promoted and helped antiX.

* BitJam
* Dave
* dolphin_oracle
* SamK
* skidoo
* Translators at antiX Launchpad
* rokytnji, masinick, dark-D, rust collector, eugen-b, skidoo, peregrine, jdmeaux1952, spaceman, jerry, fatmac, balloon, chrispop99, Shay, kmathern, Paul and others I may have forgotten for testing, contributing to antiX and promoting antiX as widely as possible.
* SamK for, JWM conguration files, droopy, Connectshares, streamlight, wingrid, ssh-conduit, 1-to-1_assistance, 1-1_voice.
* Adrian for many MX Linux tools that we de-branded for use on antiX such as iso-snapshot, bootrepair, broadcom-manager, codecs, packageinstaller (which replaces meta-package installer)
* SliTaz for mountbox.
* Maato for volumeicon
* Michael Deelwater for burniso.
* for
* tradetaxfree for zram script.
* for
* hakerdefo for pmrp
* kexolino for the wallpaper Wooden as well as Consuming_the_light_side and pier
* linux-bbq for cool scripts (discover them)!
* angband devs for some systemd-free debs

not forgetting, of course,

* antiX Community
* MX Linux Community
* Debian team and volunteers.
* All software developers.

and all users, testers, suggesters, torrent seeders and friends at antiX and MX Linux forums.

and many more…


anticapitalista, 25 October 2017, Thessaloniki.