More mirrors

We have a new mirror in The Netherlands and in Germany.

Thanks to NLUUG and Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen – Nürnberg

Download antiX iso files: download

Package sources repo on this page: antix-packages

New Mirror in Russia

We have a new mirror in Russia. Thanks to Eugene for providing the mirror and getting it set up.

Provided by Mirror.Truenetwork
Sync schedule: Every 6 hrs
Bandwidth: 4Gbps
Location: Russia, Novosibirsk

Download antiX iso files: download

Package sources repo on thia page: antix-packages

Ugrades in antiX stretch

There will be some upgrades in the stretch antiX repositories that users should note.

smxi-inxi-antix – inxi now uses perl rather than bash so should run faster. Also, there is now an /etc/inxi.conf file that has inxi -U upgrade disabled (set to false).

remaster-antix scripts – new default option when remastering set to lz4 compression. This makes the remaster process much faster and cooler. However, the final linuxfs file is much bigger than one created by xz or gzip (c66% larger).
Users can still choose gzip, xz for their compression.

Note: Running frugal install on my laptop (i5 6GB RAM, ssd hard drive), lz4 is fantastic. xz is much better though when running live from a small (4GB), slow usb stick (usb2 – no usb3 on this old laptop).

Upgrades in antiX testing and sid repos

There has been upgrades to slim and eudev that will soon hit the repositories.

With slim upgrade, you *should* be prompted to keep your existing sim.conf. You should do so by continuing via Enter key, as the default is to keep your version of slim.conf. Otherwise, if you have set autologin, you will have to do it again.

Since eudev replaces udev, all *should* be ok, but check before blindly upgrading.

Post on the forums if there are any issues or queries.

antiX-17.1 released

antiX-17.1 (Heather Heyer) released

This is primarily an upgrade of antiX-17 with a new Meltdown/Spectre patched kernel and a few new applications for users to enjoy.

As usual we offer the following completely systemd-free flavours for both 32 and 64 bit architecture.

antiX-full (c800MB) – 4 windows managers – IceWM (default), fluxbox, jwm and herbstluftwm plus full libreoffice suite.

antiX-base (c650MB so fits on a cd) – 4 windows managers – IceWM (default), fluxbox, jwm and herbstluftwm.

antiX-core (c320 MB) – no X, but should support most wireless.

antiX-net (c150MB)- no X. Just enough to get you connected (wired) and ready to build.

The 32 bit version uses a non-pae kernel.

So what has changed since antiX-17 release?

* new 4.9.87 patched for Meltdown/Spectre kernel
* all packages upgraded to Debian 9.4
* elogind now included on full and base flavours
* eudev updated from 3.2 to 3.5
* firefox-esr upgraded to 52.7.1
* libreoffice version 5.2.7-1 (full only)
* xf86-video-sisimedia-antix – latest version for sis graphics
* improved localization including new languages offered eg Amharic
* many more


* repo-manager – ported from MX Linux – gui to easily set up default repositories.
* antix-viewer – ported from mx-viewer – very simple viewer to display an URL
* live-usb-maker-gui-antix – ported from MX Linux as a front end to the antiX live-usb-maker application.

So, why should I use antiX?

* systemd-free!
* fast
* stable
* flexible
* light on system resources
* Install to harddrive,
* Set up and run live from an encrypted stick with persistence and remaster
* Frugal install on a partition.
* Option to run bleeding edge Debian Testing (buster) or sid.

The choice is yours!

The most extensive live usb on the planet!

So what is included?

Lots! Explore!

* Based on Debian Stretch, but without systemd and libsystemd0.
* eudev instead of systemd-udev
* Customised kernel with fbcondecor splash
* libreoffice (full version only)
* firefox-esr
* claws-mail
* systemd-free cups for printing
* xmms -for audio
* gnome-mpv – for playing video
* smtube – play youtube videos without a using a browser
* streamlight-antix – stream videos with very low RAM usage.
* evince – pdf reader
* latest adobe-flashplugin
* arc-theme

File managers and desktop:

* spacefm
* rox-filer

Convert your video and audio files with:

* winff
* asunder

Connect to the net with:

* ceni – default
* wicd – turned off by default. Use F4 at the live boot menu and choose wicd to turn it on.
* gnome-ppp – if you are still on dial-up


* geany
* leafpad
* Midnight Commander
* vim-tiny
* nano

Tools for remastering and creating snapshots of installed system:

* iso-snapshot
* remaster tools

General tools:

* bootrepair
* codecs installer
* broadcom-manager
* ddm-mx – install nvidia drivers
* repo-manager


* hexchat – gui chat
* luckybackup – excellent backup tool. There’s nothing lucky about it!
* simple-scan – for scanning documents
* transmission-gtk – torrent downloader
* wingrid-antix – turn the stacking window managers into tilers.
* Xfburn for burning cd/dvd
* connectshares-antix for network shares
* droopy-antix – an easy way to transfer files over the net.
* mirage – image viewer
* package-installer – install applications easily and safely
* antiX Control Centre – an easy way to do just about anything!
* streamtuner2 – listen to streaming radio
* cherrytree – note taking application
* lxkeymap – gui to set system localisation
* fskbsetting – gui to set live localisation

Why not try out our included ‘cli’ apps:

* Editors: nano and vim
* Newsreader: newsbeuter
* Chat: irssi
* Audio player: mocp
* Radio: pmrp
* Video player: mpv
* Youtube video: mps-youtube
* Audio ripper: abcde
* Torrent: rtorrent
* Cd burner: cdw
* Writer: Wordgrinder
* cli-aptiX – command line synaptics
* live-kernel-updater – update kernel when running live
* backlight-brightness – usefull tool for laptops
* antiX-cli-cc – command line control centre

Cool in-house antiX apps available in the repos:

* 1-to-1-voice-antix – Voice chat between two pcs via encrypted mumble
* 1-to-1-assistance-antix – Remote access help application
* ssh-conduit – Remote resources via an ssh encrypted connection

”Great ”’LiveUSB”’ features:”

o fast boot times without systemd
o auto-customizable bootloaders (legacy and uefi)
o easy persistence and easy frugal installs
o remasters and respins
o legacy and 32-bit uefi and 64-bit uefi
o encrypted live usb

Many thanks to the antiX team, testers, supporters, and translators.
Also many thanks to the MX Linux programmers for various applications ported to antiX.

Enjoy antiX-17.1!

anticapitalista, 18 March 2018, Thessaloniki.

Many Upgrades

antiX-17.1 will be released very soon and that means quite a lot of updates for existing antiX-17 users.
Most upgrades are bug fixes or translation improvements.

These are probably the most important upgrades to keep an eye on.

eudev (in dev repo for now)
live-usb-maker-gui-antix (Yes it really is called that!)

latest Palemoon in repos

Pale Moon 27.7.2 has landed in the main repository. Notably it further “fuzzes” the timer resolution to defeat any Spectre attacks.

Thanks to MX Linux packagers.