ISO download mirrors

antiX-19 files - Initial release 17 October 2019
Latest release: antiX-19.3 - Released 16 October 2020

Below is a list of mirrors available for downloading the antiX ISO images. These can be written and booted live from a cd,frugal install via hdd, from usb, etc. To make the most of using the antiX live system, particularly from a usb, it is recommended to use the antiX/MX live usb maker or Rufus if using Windows to make the CD. If either of these do not work for you, it is possible to use other image writing tools. Keep in mind that in most cases the way the image writer makes the live usb leaves the live boot media/image read only and therefor cannot make use of all the antiX live usb features.

Live usb maker comes preinstalled on antiX and MX. For other linux distributions an AppImage is available for download from here (; However this currently is for 64 bit only. Once you have downloaded the package you must open your downloads folder, extract the package, and run the AppImage with root priveleges (to read/write/format/mount the usb). deb packages are also available for download through the antiX repos ( or the source code on gitlab. The helpfile or instructions for using live usb maker can be found here (

Instructions and download for rufus can be found on their website Downloading the executable and running the program as administrator should be enough to run rufus. It is recommended that you skip the “setup persistence” option within rufus as during the antiX liveboot you will be able to (optionally) setup persistence. This will setup be a more accurate persistence setup.

In both instances a writable partition, valid partition name, etc; are required to setup the persistence files. Using other options which make a read only partition (example: dd) or a different partition format (example: etcher) make it more difficult for you to make a setup that allows more use of the antiX live usb system. ( The setup needed would be comparable using a live cd and attempting to have live persistence. Even if/when working correctly there will be a number of features lacking. For example: you cannot remaster ( the base image. Optionally to make use of the full live usb system on a multiboot usb (or within another hard drive install), you might consider to manually setup a frugal installation (






Botswana - Retention Range - Gabarone

Kenya - liquidtelecom - Nairobi

Namibia - NUST - Windhoek

South Africa - Cape Town

Tanzania - Aptus Solutions Ltd - Dar es Salaam

Uganda - RENU (Research and Education Network for Uganda) - Kampala

North America

Canada - Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS

Canada - UBC - Vancouver, BC

Canada - Computer Science Club | University of Waterloo - ON

Canada - MUUG - Winnipeg, MB

USA - Gatech - Atlanta, GA

USA - xTom - Freemont, CA

USA - Los Angeles, CA

USA - Enzu Inc. Public Mirror - Los Angeles, CA

USA - Genesis Adaptive, Inc. - Chicago, IL

USA - 1&1 Internet - Lenexa, KS

USA - MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) - Cambridge, MA

USA - Maryland, MD

USA - Princeton University Mathematics Department - Princeton, NJ

USA - Rochester, NY

USA - Oregon State University/Open Source Lab, Oregon

USA - Dakota State University Information Assurance Lab - Madison, SD

USA - Cogent - Herndon, VA

USA - Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) - Richmond, VA

USA - metapeer- Seattle, WA

USA - Salt Lake City, UT

South America

Argentina - UNC| Universidad Nacional de Córdoba - Cordoba

Brazil - UFAM - Manaus

Brazil - C3SL - Parana

Brazil - USP - Sao Paolo

Chile - Netlinux (Grupo Solux) - Santiago

Chile - INSACOM - Valparaíso

Colombia - UPB - Medellín

Colombia - Universidad del Magdalena - Santa Marta/ Magdalena

Ecuador -

Paraguay - Centro Nacional de Computación Universidad Nacional de Asunción - San Lorenzo

Uruguay - FDER- Montevideo

Uruguay - - Treint y Tres


Azerbaijan - Delta Telecom - Baku

China - - Beijing

China - Chongqing University CQU Mirror - Chongqing

China - Shanghai Jiao Tong University *nix User Group (SJTUG) - Shanghai

Georgia - GRENA - Tbilisi

Hong Kong - KoDDoS

Hong Kong - xTom

India - - Mumbai

India - PicoNets WebWerks - Mumbai

India - Esto Internet - Haryana

Indonesia - Poliwangi | Politeknik Negeri Banyuwangi - East Java, Banyuwangi

Indonesia - East Java,Surabaya

Indonesia - mirror.deace

Israel - Aumix Networks - Tel Aviv

Japan - Osaka

Japan - RIKEN - Saitama

Japan - Tsukuba WIDE Public Mirror service - Tsukuba

Japan - Yamagata University - Yonezawa

Kazakhstan - Almaty

Kazakhstan - Almaty

Malaysia - MYREN - Selangor

Pakistan -GEMNET - Hyderabad

Philippines - RISE - Cebu City

Philippines - PREGINET - Quezon City

Singapore -

South Korea - Harukasan Mirror Station - Busan

South Korea - KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) - Daejeon

South Korea - NBP/NAVER Corp. - Seoul

Taiwan - Department of Computer Science and Engineering Yuan Ze University - Taiwan R.O.C

Taiwan - National Chiao Tung University - Hsinchu, Taiwan, ROC

Thailand - Khon Kaen University -Khon Kaen

Turkey - "Linux Kullanıcıları Derneği" - Ankara

Uzbekistan - Datacenter Uzinfocom - Tashkent

Vietnam - Freedif - Ho Chi Minh


Austria - digitalnova - Graz

Austria - - Graz

Austria - easyname - Vienna

Belarus - Beltelecom datacenter - Minsk

Belgium - Brussels

Belgium - BELNET - Brussels

Bulgaria - IPACCT - Sofia

Bulgaria - - Sofia

Czech Republic - CZLUG/Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University - Brno

Czech Republic - Prague

Czech Republic - CVUT - Prague

Denmark - - Aalborg

Denmark - - Copenhagen

France - Université de Picardie - Amiens

France - Saint Étienne du Rouvray

France- CNRS IBCP - Lyon

France- IGH (CNRS - Université de Montpellier) - Montpellier

France - Layerjet - Paris

France - Laboratoire d'Informatique de l'université Paris 6 (LIP6) - Paris

France - IRCAM - Paris

France - Université de Strasbourg - Strasbourg

Germany - RWTH Aachen University - Aachen

Germany - Ruhr-Universität Bochum - Bochum

Germany - University Computing Centre | TU Chemnitz - Chemnitz

Germany - PlusServer GmbH - Cologne

Germany - 23media - Frankfurt

Germany - GWDG - Göttingen

Germany - Hamburg

Germany - 1&1 Internet - Karlsruhe

Germany - Funkfreunde Landshut, Landshut

Germany - Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen, Nürnberg

Greece - NTUA - Athens

Greece - University of Crete Computer Center - Crete

Hungary - GTX - Budapest

Hungary - Quantum - Miskolc

Ireland - Strencom - Dublin

Italy - MX/antiX - Milan

Italy - E4A s.r.l - Padova

Italy - Crazy Network - Rome

Italy - UNITS | University of Trieste - Trieste

Latvia - Linux Centrs, University of Latvia - Riga

Lithuania - VPSnet - Vilnius

Luxembourg - root S.A - Roost

Moldova - MivoCloud - Chisinau

Netherlands - MX/antiX - Alblasserdam

Netherlands - KoDDoS - Amsterdam

Netherlands - NLUUG - Ede

Poland - InHosting - Debica

Poland - Politechnika Gdańska | CI TASK - Gdansk

Poland - Śląsk DATA CENTER - Tarnowskie Góry

Poland - ICM - Warsaw

Portugal - Grupo de Linux da Universidade de Aveiro - Aveiro

Portugal - FCT | FCCN (Computação Cientifica Nacional) - Lisbon

Portugal - Departamento de Informática da Universidade do Minho - Minho

Romania - PIDGINHOST - Bucharest

Russia - truenetwork - Belovo

Russia - YANDEX - Moscow

Russia -

Russia -

Russia -

Russia -

Serbia - petarmaric - Novi Sad

Slovakia - - Bratislava

Slovenia - arnes - Ljubljana

Spain - CICA - Andalusia

Spain - OSLUZ, Universidad de Zaragoza - Aragon

Spain - - Catalonia

Spain - IT Services, Universidade de Vigo (UVigo) - Galicia

Spain - REDIMadrid - Madrid

Sweden - South

Sweden - Academic Computer Club Umeå University - Umeå

Switzerland - Department of Physics, ETH Zurich - Zurich

Switzerland - easyname - Zurich

Ukraine - - Kiev

Ukraine - Vinnytsia

United Kingdom - Centre for Scientific Computing, University of Warwick - Coventry

United Kingdom - UK2 - London

United Kingdom - UKFast - Manchester


Australia - Internode - Adelaide

Australia - Netspace - Adelaide

Australia - Melbourne

Australia - iiNet - Perth

Australia - DataMossa - Sydney

New Caledonia - L@goon | OFFRATEL - Nouméa

New Zealand - TheoM's Mirror - Auckland/Christchurch

New Zealand

Many thanks to all our mirrors.

You should download antiX-19.3 series - Released 16 October 2020



ee128dd02f98a5e6701b7b09e5f7814c antiX-19.3_386-full.iso
4e8da1d17db47838c524cd6a2c17fd69 antiX-19.3_x64-full.iso
689c7f53828144e0ad0a5f290914c7fc antiX-19.3_386-base.iso
1aac156940e3421e1960ae9480c8b1ab antiX-19.3_x64-base.iso
ecef12e3bfab4ae660693f44fa4b93b3 antiX-19.3_386-core.iso
808e551001760dc89370eaab3f79f643 antiX-19.3_x64-core.iso
60e10804523ac771bb23b31461c32bf2 antiX-19.3_386-net.iso
762adee85ba4b7995756eca896550512 antiX-19.3_x64-net.iso


8cc33d0fe6918b38157887d816ee27685ba630986e21497dd1187768662e2e09 antiX-19.3_386-full.iso
2b114695177fab65e5d8b1dcd5cc18f10ce1e57acfcd28b0ccfd815f26e23b1a antiX-19.3_x64-full.iso
6646617621995eb18bd082d1442636b90c45adddbc807359b14295eaec8268b4 antiX-19.3_386-base.iso
5a0cdc8390d72d9be69adbf679ee3cf80fb883569b90af78944c0a1c06542d58 antiX-19.3_x64-base.iso
6f4570e6e2a7f846963c2ddcf407e8645c32bce9ad22a181e4ec184834c3ba43 antiX-19.3_386-core.iso
37961a7e0227959f534cad46d0aabf510de39ed53f9ca3f80014da7aea7f801f antiX-19.3_x64-core.iso
3e0c458ebca02fa24afa0b6b7194833c1f4a2ea9c0460c96170abc0e04621d8c antiX-19.3_386-net.iso
4571a0e5c359f74ef44879aaeb58576247773e894161df0a1869425ebdd91b40 antiX-19.3_x64-net.iso



019dc11b6b358c6b74d4f0389d73d0b9 antiX-19.3-runit_386-full.iso
353b9e20fe08e71e1cf0a2274b7aa66a antiX-19.3-runit_x64-full.iso
be24851a59b29da648ba7cfc0d7f4055 antiX-19.3-runit_386-base.iso
2ca21b1583f5f0cf7d36f199f2192fb1 antiX-19.3-runit_x64-base.iso
4c55329d41dfbd9fb9de8306e582b81d antiX-19.3-runit_386-core.iso
b859f62f84570d7839c94a5421ba3661 antiX-19.3-runit_x64-core.iso
b9b50ec573bc3344d0514dcc35762f2c antiX-19.3-runit_386-net.iso
e7249f4c2fe0c09be6999862a181ce2d antiX-19.3-runit_x64-net.iso


6f3f78b5cc5229deea6eb39b78788af94b24e6a6cd08168c31860342bf146d61 antiX-19.3-runit_386-full.iso
3b9bf0e1f526aed92b619808895e7b8bb50f40508c7133282dd8d9e6f811e79b antiX-19.3-runit_x64-full.iso
e994fdbc8cc167c1e2f0aeef759ed10bd6f6a9cbdf1243c20c1dd155480b7c41 antiX-19.3-runit_386-base.iso
0fde26e4c0e55abc4628066b653dc02bd742f9c16d7c370624d96b64223bf075 antiX-19.3-runit_x64-base.iso
2201db16b5c8a22f1680369861706cbb9b6074eed8145b0a4e40396ce5e04691 antiX-19.3-runit_386-core.iso
68f60d69c7e942510e79f3411f5748fad5f811b166b737d0a4f8c03af2c81816 antiX-19.3-runit_x64-core.iso
5e4a90f7a29ffe3bab20447451d54d433c134f21c7dedb4e183bcd9e1385edc8 antiX-19.3-runit_386-net.iso
a4f1dfe178bc403e34a5711725c8158a5976a8677975501b7a41690201fd7449 antiX-19.3-runit_x64-net.iso



fbd28271d85e64395d4f9ede31b253f3 antiX-19.3-sid_386-core.iso
9d1de5c9e150ddbc8a641a8bb80b313f antiX-19.3-sid_x64-core.iso
09d633bb5484177e2a44b8869ebc509f antiX-19.3-sid_386-net.iso
171d278c231feebdb326bfc9030ba8b2 antiX-19.3-sid_x64-net.iso


c6efafb097652232fb28a6136ae6ae886ad3db6e83c643189c78fd1950fe4448 antiX-19.3-sid_386-core.iso
9b036960b23aaa9ebd829e60a759743625ec14287c4fafda73302cb517fa4f4f antiX-19.3-sid_x64-core.iso
78059868b32c5618205d4be4614172b5ad7be467444bd45c08b44afe236837d9 antiX-19.3-sid_386-net.iso
9ffb6a4070a3f8a72a96484b093564638d64a6d3a505169e24b2efb83b0e8b6c antiX-19.3-sid_x64-net.iso



ebc7ec72880183c98b696e91a8c0cd38 antiX-19.3-runit-sid_386-core.iso
3173ee9f65f26e7967f97861a96eddb5 antiX-19.3-runit-sid_x64-core.iso
2d5653f593384db9de92f6e3434fd93a antiX-19.3-runit-sid_386-net.iso
37067f8a3f8deefc40aeb0b65e978c55 antiX-19.3-runit-sid_x64-net.iso


08c93de66240ea0b08849925558ad7a7439fae398d7204f593a370de1da6ab3e antiX-19.3-runit-sid_386-core.iso
6eba12245fb404046ddba06ee18bec3194e6c66f2c123777b9ea482b296834e8 antiX-19.3-runit-sid_x64-core.iso
ef2ecfd3244f584b4b5ff0bfec78ff85f16924d1bc129e681cc127769612d7be antiX-19.3-runit-sid_386-net.iso
f0485521c3591c7886fe8c73ebbea8bc9a7d832e25d70326092a49c935e8a0d8 antiX-19.3-runit-sid_x64-net.iso

antiX-19.3 extra release with 4.19 kernel - Released 16 October 2020.


1274aaf132213d26e79ec29aa7ba7bd7 antiX-19.3_x64-full.iso
16638c566ec03e35198d3966492ec13a antiX-19.3_x64-base.iso
05f20fe93875208d2a1d70138f51ecbc antiX-19.3-runit_x64-full.iso
0e54417c7b4d6000adf46b947d693dc7 antiX-19.3-runit_x64-base.iso


55ee54c3b7f7c03afcac0fd39afbc0898b5d72f121ef47afa683b3fe92fb8673 antiX-19.3_x64-full.iso
bc97f5c5114487513bdc005172485eecfee198a58bea36f81949022b2c448b6f antiX-19.3_x64-base.iso
11c6377525ad64f50d084dbb70d5f88becefacd55df8cf338cff180cece60a31 antiX-19.3-runit_x64-full.iso
4467bf6d41628ef4f9bd5c668e23430619bb743487ff022be3e2c50b0acd07b2 antiX-19.3-runit_x64-base.iso

Default passwords on live media

username: demo password: demo
admin name: root password: demo (when prompted by gui popup)
admin name: root password: root (in cli/terminal)


Please seed torrents once you have downloaded. Thanks.