4.9.148 kernel upgrade

Users are advised to upgrade to the latest 4.9.148 kernel since it adds more protection from spectre/meltdown and the 64 bit version fixes a regression when using (g)ufw firewall.

4.9.148-486, 4.9.148-pae-686, 4.9.148-amd

32 and 64 bit versions for stretch, testing and sid.

New 17.3.1 iso files available

New antiX-17.3.1 iso files for full and base versions are now available at Sourceforge (mirrors will take time to pick them up) as are delta patches for those who may wish to patch an already downloaded 17.3 iso.

Fixed installer debs are already in the antiX repos, so those with antiX-17.3 can simply do an
apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade
to get the fix and then install.

I will begin to remove the faulty antiX-17.3 files from SF.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Serious bug installing antiX-17.3 full and base versions

Sorry all – I goofed when making a last minute change to the gui installer.

The issue is that synaptic and other apps that need root privileges will complain about

Failed to run synaptic as user root
Unable to copy the users’ Xauthorisation file

Also apt complains about tmp folder error after doing apt-get update

Quick fix for those that have already installed antiX17.3 (full or base).

In a root terminal type chmod 1777 /tmp

If you run live, or frugal, no need to do anything except simply wait for an upgrade to the installer to appear in the repos.

New bugfix isos for full and base are now available.