antiX-bullseye-alpha2 iso files available. 64 bit only

We have 2 versions for experienced users to try.

* sysvinit – antiX-bullseye-a2-x64-full is an alpha quality release for experienced testers of antiX to test and provide feedback.
Do not use this as your main OS.

Some basic differences from a1.

* 4.9.261 and 5.10.22 kernels on the live iso. Please try both in your tests.
* no virtualbox-guest packages

Hopefully many of the bugs found in a1 have been squashed.

* runit – Unlike the previous antiX-runit edition which uses Debian’s implementation of runit (basically a mixture of runit plus sysvinit), this version is closer to how runit works on Void and Artix linux.
Sysvinit has been replaced with various antiX runit scripts and our much smaller sysvinit package.

Please post any feedback at antiX forums and state if you are testing live, frugal, in a virtual machine or on bare metal.

Files here: