Ugrades in antiX stretch

There will be some upgrades in the stretch antiX repositories that users should note.

smxi-inxi-antix – inxi now uses perl rather than bash so should run faster. Also, there is now an /etc/inxi.conf file that has inxi -U upgrade disabled (set to false).

remaster-antix scripts – new default option when remastering set to lz4 compression. This makes the remaster process much faster and cooler. However, the final linuxfs file is much bigger than one created by xz or gzip (c66% larger).
Users can still choose gzip, xz for their compression.

Note: Running frugal install on my laptop (i5 6GB RAM, ssd hard drive), lz4 is fantastic. xz is much better though when running live from a small (4GB), slow usb stick (usb2 – no usb3 on this old laptop).

Upgrades in antiX testing and sid repos

There has been upgrades to slim and eudev that will soon hit the repositories.

With slim upgrade, you *should* be prompted to keep your existing sim.conf. You should do so by continuing via Enter key, as the default is to keep your version of slim.conf. Otherwise, if you have set autologin, you will have to do it again.

Since eudev replaces udev, all *should* be ok, but check before blindly upgrading.

Post on the forums if there are any issues or queries.

Many Upgrades

antiX-17.1 will be released very soon and that means quite a lot of updates for existing antiX-17 users.
Most upgrades are bug fixes or translation improvements.

These are probably the most important upgrades to keep an eye on.

eudev (in dev repo for now)
live-usb-maker-gui-antix (Yes it really is called that!)

latest Palemoon in repos

Pale Moon 27.7.2 has landed in the main repository. Notably it further “fuzzes” the timer resolution to defeat any Spectre attacks.

Thanks to MX Linux packagers.

volumeicon-alsa-legacy in repos

I have added an older gtk2 version of the volumeicon application for antiX-17 and antiX-16 users.
The present one (gtk3) uses too much RAM in my opinion, whereas this version uses c10MB less!

apt-get install volumeicon-alsa-legacy

will automatically replace the existing one with the newer legacy version.

elogind available

For those who which to tinker, elogind is available for antiX-17 users.

elogind is the systemd project’s logind, extracted to a standalone package. It’s designed for users who prefer a non-systemd init system, but still want to use popular software such as KDE/Wayland or GNOME that otherwise hard-depends on systemd.

“spectre” and “meltdown” – security kernel upgrades

Now available in antiX stretch, testing and sid repos are security fixes for the ‘meltdown’ and ‘spectre’ kernel vulnerabilities. These versions are available.

4.14.14 (64bit and 32 bit pae)
4.9.77 (64 bit, pae and non-pae-486)

Unfortunately, I have not been able to patch the 4.10-5 kernel (antiX-17 default) or the 4.4 version (antiX-16 series).

Those using antiX-17 have these options at the moment.

1. Use the 4.14.14 kernel
2. Use the 4.9.77.antix.1 kernel (This *should work the same as default 4.10.5)
4. Use a patched Debian, MX, siduction kernel
5. Do nothing (not advised).

antiX-16/16.1/16.2 users have these options.

1. Use the 4.9.77.antix.1 kernel now in jessie repo
2. Use the 4.4.109 kernel. This was built from Ubuntu 4.4.109 source
3. Use a patched Debian kernel (3.16.0-5)
4. Do nothing (not advised)

antiX-13/13.2/13.2 users have these options.

1. Use a patched Debian kernel (3.2.0-5)
2. Do nothing (not advised)

For more information on ‘spectre’ and ‘meltdown’ have a read of this


Keep in mind that there are not yet kernel patches available anywhere for all spectre variants and it may be some time before there are.

edited on 18 January 2018 to show latest versions – anticapitalista