antiX-19 runit release

Thought I would see how this works.

antiX-19 base version (sort of), but with runit as the init system instead of SysVinit.

This is an official version of antiX-19 and though it is stable, it is a bit of an experiment.
Available in 32 and 64 bit.

* Default kernel is 4.9.200
* based on antiX-base version, but with some changes
* live iso built using lz4 compression, which means a faster boot, but larger iso file size.
* IceWM only (fluxbox, JWM and herbstluftwm removed)
* plain IceWM is default window manager to keep RAM usage low – ie no rox ‘desktop’ meaning that no icons on the desktop (live boot though via F6 or installed under Desktop menu give Rox-IceWM and min-IceWM options)
* spacefm removed
* uses ceni for networking – no connman installed
* there are bugs especially when running live eg on boot you will see some sequence of green ‘OK’s and reboot will actually shutdown the computer.
* as is the case with base versions of antiX, synaptic is not installed

If you find on installation that no drives are shown in /media, then delete the /etc/fstab file and type this in a terminal

sudo make-fstab

Give it a try – post your impressions/comments/bugs over at antiX forums.

Files here:




Thessaloniki, 10 December 2019.