antiX-19.1 based on debian sid available

These iso files are based on Debian sid and come as core or net version using svsVinit or runit.

The following flavours for both 32 and 64 bit architecture are available.

antiX-core (c350MB) sysVinit and runit versions – no X, but should support most wireless.
Core versions also include elogind and dbus-x11.

antiX-net (c180MB) sysVinit and runit versions – no X. Just enough to get you connected (wired only) and ready to build.

The 32 bit version uses a non-pae kernel.

These iso files are for experienced users of antiX or Debian.

* Based on Debian sid
* runit or sysVinit
* eudev (3.2.8) instead of systemd-udev
* Customised 5.2.21 kernel with fbcondecor splash
* antiX remaster and persistence tools
* live-kernel-updater
* cli-aptiX – a cli package installer
* antiX-cli-cc – cli control centre
* live-usb-maker
* basic cli installler
* no UEFI install option