UNOFFICIAL antiX-23 “init-diversity” spin.

We offer you a development release of antiX-23-full edition (32 and 64 bit) shipping with 4 init systems out of the box and still systemd-free!


This ‘spin’ has been developed by ProwlerGR and is fully supported by the antiX team, even though it is in development stage.

* Multiple grub (isolinux) entries available allow to boot live into any of the 4 available inits
* The s6-rc Service Manager (inspired by the runit Service Manager), comes preinstalled making s6-rc management a breeze.
* Service files have been optimised, providing a very strong foundation for any official work to come.

Just a few notes to all that plan to try it:
– Running it live works as expected for what it is intended.
– If you plan to install, it is important to boot into the “default” boot entry prior to installing. The installer has unpredicted behaviour breaking a few things (reboot, poweroff) if you install using the non default init entries.
– To enable the multi-init grub menu after first install from iso just run
sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-multi-init-enabler

Username = antix
Password for user and root = antix

This work would not have been possible without the active cooperation of Eric (Obarun), aitor (gnuinos) and antiX testers and devs.

Download here:

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