antiX-21 (Grup Yorum) released

antiX-21 (Grup_Yorum) is based on Debian Bullseye and is fully systemd-free.

As usual we offer the following systemd-free flavours for both 32 and 64 bit architecture, running sysVinit or runit. The 32 bit versions use a non-pae kernel.

antiX-full (c1.4GB) – 4 windows managers – IceWM (default), fluxbox, jwm and herbstluftwm plus full libreoffice suite. x64 versions come with 2 kernels. Legacy 4.9 and Modern 5.10

antiX-base (<<800MB – fits on 800MB cd) – 4 windows managers – IceWM (default), fluxbox, jwm and herbstluftwm.

antiX-core (c440MB) – no X, cli-installer without encryption, but should support most wireless.

antiX-net (c180MB)- no X, cli-installer without encryption. Just enough to get you connected (wired) and ready to build. For experts.

Note 1: antiX devs advise users to download and use the sysVinit versions ie any iso files NOT in the runit folder.

Note 2: runit editions now set up in a similar way to Void/Artix.
Users should be prepared to familiarize themselves with how runit services work.

Note 3: After installation of antiX-21_x64-full editions, the default kernel will be the Modern 5.10 one even if Legacy 4.9 was booted during the live boot.

* Based on Debian 11 (Bullseye), but without systemd and libsystemd0.
* eudev instead of udev
* Customised 4.9.0-279 kernel with fbcondecor splash
* Customised 5.10.57 kernel (x64 full only)
* libreoffice 7.0.4-4
* firefox-esr 78.14.0esr-1 on antiX-full
* seamonkey on antiX-base
* claws-mail 3.17.8-1
* cups for printing
* xmms -for audio
* celluloid and mpv – for playing video
* smtube – play youtube videos without a using a browser
* streamlight-antix – stream videos with very low RAM usage.
* qpdfview – pdf reader
* arc-evopro2-theme-antix

File managers and desktop:

* zzzFM
* rox-filer

Convert your video and audio files with:

* winff
* asunder

Connect to the net with:

* connman
* or gnome-ppp if you are still on dial-up


* geany
* leafpad
* Midnight Commander

Tools for remastering and creating snapshots of installed system:

* iso-snapshot
* remaster tools

General tools:

* bootrepair
* codecs installer
* Network Assistant
* User Manager
* ddm-mx – install nvidia drivers


* hexchat – gui chat
* luckybackup – excellent backup tool. There’s nothing lucky about it!
* simple-scan – for scanning documents
* transmission-gtk – torrent downloader
* wingrid-antix – turn the stacking window managers into tilers.
* Xfburn for burning cd/dvd
* connectshares-antix for network shares
* droopy-antix – an easy way to transfer files over the net.
* mirage – image viewer
* package-installer – install applications easily and safely
* antiX Control Centre – an easy way to do just about anything!
* streamtuner2 – listen to streaming radio
* cherrytree – note taking application

Why not try out our included ‘cli’ apps:

* Editors: nano and vim-tiny
* Newsreader: newsboat
* Chat: irssi
* Audio player: mocp
* Radio: pmrp
* Video player: mpv
* Youtube video: ytfzf
* Torrent: rtorrent
* Cd burner: cdw
* Writer: Wordgrinder


* zzzFM replaces SpaceFM
* slimski replaces Slim
* ytfzf replaces mps-youtube
* Login Manager
* runit service manager (runit versions only)
* App Select
* IceWM Toolbar Icon Manager

Cool in-house antiX apps available in the repos:

* 1-to-1-voice-antix – Voice chat between two pcs via encrypted mumble
* 1-to-1-assistance-antix – Remote access help application
* ssh-conduit – Remote resouces via an ssh encypted connection

Many thanks to all the contributors, supporters, and antiX enthusiasts.

Special thanks to:

* all alpha and beta testers
* skidoo for slimski and zzzFM
* forum members Masinick, ModdIt, skidoo, christophe, caprea, Xecure, olsztyn, PPC, BobC, sybok and anyone else I might have missed for helping out at the forums and/or writing scripts/apps for antiX
* linuxdaddy for artwork
* AK-47 for the impressive work on the installer’s extended features
* fehlix for further improvements to our already wonderful antiX live system.
* dave for tireless work keeping the antiX repos going and up to date
* peregrine for all the work on the website
* BitJam for developing the antiX live system and build system and making antiX what it is today
* all translators. Special mention to marcelocripe, Wallon and Robin for rightly insisting on supporting localisation and putting it into practice
* Kelly Sikkema ( for default wallpaper

Download here


anticapitalista, 31 October 2021, Thessaloniki