topic title: Upgrading 6.5
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Yes, I did an upgrade to sid on the desktop.
The system got slower (I saw you had the opposite experience).
Norwegian localisation was like ubuntu, seemed to work but reverted to English.
Same rubbish messages on boot from the 2.6.24 kernel.
This setup will be nice eventually --I guess it means the kernel supports xcdroast directly again -?? But I must wait until the kernel reinvents my IDE disks __{{emoticon}}__
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I should add that speed is many things, depends what you are running --hardware as well,
and of course matters most when that is limited. my 'big' machine has only 512 ram.

The localisation issue I've had has been partly solved by using the language-env package.
It does not support Norwegian but what it does is modify the dot files in the home directory,
adding customizations that are beyond me to set up myself.
I used Danish and then fixed the files.

BTW Scandinavian localization in Etch can be strange - they have included Swedish and Danish in the /etc/default/locale and /etc/environment file. This makes some items in the interface of some programs appear in Danish/Swedish instead of English. This apparently to patch missing Norwegian support - if you remove it you get a mixture of Norwegian and English.

Thought I could mention it because this is a good tool and little used it seems. It is easy to change the files afterwards, if nothing else you can choose English and fix it afterwards.
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I started messing about with Antix when Spartacus came out, which ran really well on my old computer. I have been using Lysistrata for ages now, and I have one hard drive running Ubuntu 7.04, but I recently did a reloading of Spartacus again just because I have a spare hard drive to experiment on, and I have to say Spartacus absolutely flies on my old box (which is some sort of cobble-together thing I made out of bits I found in skips with a P-III overclocked to 500 and and about 400 thingies of RAM). It's much faster than Lysistrata and still does everything I want it to do. As long as you know how to tweak it you will get a very fast and stable system. I would seriously recommend it for anybody with a dodgy older box lying around.