antiX-23-beta2 iso files for testing

Debian 12 Bookworm was released today so I thought it a good idea to make available some up to date beta2 iso files.
We have had great feedback from our alpha1 and beta1 64 bit runit release.
Many thanks to all who participated in testing.

This is what is available for now –

antiX-23-beta2-full-runit (64 bit)
antiX-23-beta2-full-sysvinit (32 bit)
antiX-23-beta2-core-sysvinit (64 bit)

Get them here:

This version is 99% certain to be fully dist-upgradable to final unlike alpha1 and beta1.

64 bit versions ship with a 6.1 series kernel
32 bit version ship with a 5.10 kernel
64 bit full editions ship with 6.1 (Modern) and 5.10 (Legacy) kernels.

Default is now zzzFM-IceWM ‘desktop’ and zzzFM is the default file manager
Rox is still available for those that prefer it.

No systemd
No elogind
No snap support
No flatpak support out of the box (it depends on libelogind0)

Give it a try and let us know what you think