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I've been testing Antix on a laptop using the Broadcom 4318 chipset. Now I've successfully connected using the MEPIS 6.5 live CD. I assumed that it would work okay in Antix. Apparently I was mistaken. Here is what I've done so far using the Antix 6.5 live CD:

1)started mnetwork in a terminal logged in as root

2) entered my network's SSID and the correct WEP key. No, it's not set up for WPA.

3) Clicked apply

4) Clicked the Interface tab, clicked start/restart on apply and the clicked apply

I see the commands scrolling by in the terminal. However, when it executes what appears to be dhclient, it eventually fails to connect and goes to sleep.

I used a different method with the MEPIS live CD. I clicked automatic instead manual and then started Knetworkmanager, which doesn't exist in Antix because it's KDE.

My question is twofold:

1) Since it's the BCM4318 chipset, I've got the enable NDISwrapper button clicked. That should be necessary, correct?
2) What else am I missing?

I really want to get Antix wireless up and running. I like the look and feel of the distro, but I need the internet connection to be wireless. Wired simply isn't an option.

Thanks in advance.
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If you can, plug the laptop into the modem via ethernet cable (assuming you are using broadband) and download ndiswrapper from synaptic. Once that's done, set up should be the same as with Mepis 6x. Check the ndiswrapper wiki here:

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Good luck to you!.
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Welcome to antiX. This link might help as well as the one posted by moron.

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If you're still having issues, post the output of iwconfig.