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I am playing with AntiX M8.2 at the moment in a virtual machine. Since we used Linux at home, we get hooked to the top panel interface + taskbar panel in the bottom.

In the top panel, I usually add some launchers to start frequently used applications. And also the clock, network and various notifications. So far I can manage to do that OK with Gnome and XFCE. But when I try some lightweight environments (LXDE and AntiX with IceWM so far), they all come with the start menu"a la Windows". But for LXDE and IceWM, I cannot see where I can customize the desktop and panels. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Usually you have to edit your .icewm/preferences file. For example, i like the taskbar at the top, so i have the following line in the file:



You should also check
url was:""
linktext was:""
" onclick=";return false for more info.
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Ok thanks, I will look into details whem I am really commit. Sorry for the laziness but would like to know roughly if IceWM has some high level functionalities:

Q1- Can I add custom launcher on the IceWM panel?

Q2- Can I add notifications?

Q3- Can I use one on the top (for menu, launcher icons, notification, clock, log off/switch user) and another panel in the bottom for taskbar?
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I usually use lxpanel or fbpanel when I want a different (second) panel. both are easy to add launchers to. lxpanel uses a configuration menu, and fbpanel uses an easy-to-edit text file ( I think some options are now configurable in a menu). both will allow more than one panel with its own configuration.

Don't know about notifications.
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Hello. You can edit the file ~/.icewm/toolbar and add launchers for just about any app you want. You can also add a button that launches a menu - kinda like a quick launch button in de. But I don't think you can have two icewm panels. So, as suggested, use lxde, fbpanel, or wbar as your second panel.