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In playing around with Fluxbox, somehow I made my wallpaper disappear, and the gray Antix style was over it. I can still see my wallpaper inside windows like X term, so it is there. But I can't figure out how to get my wallpaper back on top. I tried everything I know in gui short of typing command lines, which I know very little of yet.

The flux wiki offers very little on the subject. I'd appreciate your help.

Thank you.
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I figured it out. When you turn on Rox, the fluxbox wallpaper disappears, for anyone who wants to know about it. When you right click on the desktop, go to Fluxbox>Workspaces, and check to see if Rox appears to the right of the arrows for each workspace. If you find Rox, click"close" and it will get rid of Rox.

Having Rox and Fluxbox working at the same time can be a bit confusing, but it adds alot of options, which there are many.

I like the Flux style in the fluxbox Style menu, by the way.
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Welcome to this forum kwabena38.

Glad you got your wallpaper sorted out.
I put the rox option in for those that like to have icons on the desktop (I don't). I hoped it would make things a bit easier, since once set up, Rox will remember the shortcuts and the user can simply switch by a click on the menu to desktop plus icons or not.

BTW you can save pdf files to hard-disk and save using xpdf. See thread on MepisLovers.
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Also, if you change styles, sometimes the style has a default wallpaper and it will override yours. I think there is a command that will stop this from happening, but I have to research it since I have forgotten how it works.