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A frugal install is similar to running a live cd or live usb, except that it is running from a hard drive.

Advantages of frugal:

* space is saved (installation to hard drive typically is 4 times the size of the iso, whereas with frugal it is the size of the iso).
* Frugal from hard drive is faster than live usb and live cd.
* great for testing (once set up).

antiX is able to run frugal with persistence which means you can run it (like Puppy linux), add/remove apps and changes will be saved.
You get to create antiX exactly as you want it, and then you can remaster it for use on othe boxes/devices if you wish.

You need a working grub already installed.

antiX-frugal works on ext2. ext3, ext4. fat and ntfs partitions, but ext is recommended.

Scenario 1. Single partition running antiX.

You can run frugal from within your running antiX.

In your root partition (not root folder) make a folder called antiX-base (or whatever).

# cd /
# mkdir antiX-base
Open mc and navigate to your iso file, press Enter and you will see the contents of the live iso file.
Copy all the contents of the antiX folder to antiX-base on your root partition.

Now you need to edit your /boot/grub/menu.lst to add the frugal entry. Put this near the top.

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title antiX-base-frugal-sda1
root (hd0,0)
kernel /antiX-base/vmlinuz quiet noxorg vga=791 bdev=sda1 bdir=antiX-base antiX=LMXD nomodeset persist 
initrd /antiX-base/initrd.gz
The same process applies when running frugal on othe partitions eg for sdb6

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title antiX-base-frugal-sdb6
root (hd1,5)
kernel /antiX-base/vmlinuz quiet noxorg vga=791  bdev=sdb6 bdir=antiX-full antiX=LMXD nomodeset persist 
initrd /antiX-base/initrd.gz
Once you have booted, you can set up persistence. See this thread.


Give frugal a try. It's fun.
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anticapitalista wrote:
Give frugal a try. It's fun.
You're right!
Posting this from my frugal install with persistence.
Works great!