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I have just installed antiX 6.5. Now, I need to get my SMC2635w wireless card working. It has a adm1822 chipset. I have downloaded a driver from
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. The makefile is directed to /lib/modules/<kernal version>/build. This is not a legit target, so I am trying to edit the makefile to a functional location. To which directory should I change this to? There is a 'module' target. I am pretty new at this stuff, so I don't really know anything. For any help, I will be forever in debt to you.

Thank you in advance!
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envytea wrote:I have just installed antiX 6.5.
Is there some reason (i.e., hardware) that you are on 6.5 and not the just-released 7.0 version?
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I installed 6.5 before I saw that there was a new version available. anyway, I just figured out that the driver is already on antiX. I just had not configured it correctly. Thanks anyway!
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Hi I am trying to get the card to work on 7.0. It just worked for me on Mepis 6.5 but I decided to go to Antix for 7 and it is not finding it. lspci shows the card, but ndiswrapper does not show the driver. I figure the driver must be on there somewhere, but what is is called? Is it a kernel module or does it need ndiswrapper?

Thanks in advance for your help.